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IT professionals work remotely quite often, but some IT teams can struggle with efficiency. I can share a few handy tips that can help you increase productivity:

  • Schedule timeboxed events when all employees are expected to participate. This helps keep everyone up to date with the project and focused on the goal.

  • Ask your team to set up clear virtual office hours.

  • Pick the right communication tools or design your own tool tailored to your business needs.

  • Make sure to involve all your team members in all conversations.

  • Let your team members speak because their voices can make a difference.

  • Use a Project Management tool to create upcoming projects, timelines, milestones, etc. It’ll help keep all members of your team on the same page.

  • Use a Collaboration tool so that team members can send important information at any time.

  • Use a productivity tool to track the productivity of your employees. It will also help to track which members are active at any time and you can assign projects accordingly.