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Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Binary Tecz help you maintain enterprise grade cyber security with our skilled team and innovative technology that acts as a security blanket over your entire technology and business infrastructure protecting it from any harmful intrusions and hacks, at a fraction of cost that you would pay otherwise for these industry leading tools.Your business safety is our top priority.

Our Key Differentiator

Basic cybersecurity solutions fail against current cyber threats landscape. This has been backed by the numerous attacks that have occurred in the two years. The frequency has severely multiplied since the pandemic outbreak. Traditional protection, such as firewalls and Intrusion Prevention as well as anti-virus are simply no longer sufficient. With complicated techniques of hacking and intruding into your technology infrastructure, current day tech-scape calls for revised and modernized approach.

That is where Binary Tecz comes in. With our advanced multi-layered solutions, vulnerability detection, advanced endpoint protection, and many other tools, your network will be shielded and inaccessible to cyber-criminals.

All of our solutions are focused on complete protection, our tailored solution can assure that your organization is defended 24/7/365.

Key Statistics Associated To Cybersecurity And Businesses


of businesses are not confident in their cybersecurity plan


of individuals have never checked if their information was involved in any breach


is the percentage increase of malware attack from 2020 till date


or more healthcare organizations of all sizes had a breach of some sort in last 3 years

To assist your business here are some of the tools we use you to keep you secured

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web is the portion of internet that is not accessible to a regular web user. Due to lack of regulations and rules, it is commonly used by hackers and cyber criminals to do data transactions that are obtained through hacking.


Every key information that cannot be accessed otherwise, is readily available on dark-web for a price. As part of our cybersecurity package, Binary Tecz regularly monitors the dark web and notifies you if any information associated to you and your business shows up on dark web. Once identified we work with you to fix the leak and help you secure your lost data.

SIEM & SOC Platform Monitoring

At Binary Tecz we are a firm believe of proactive approach rather than a reactive reaction. For that reason we use our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform.  In simple terms SIEM is the constant monitoring & analysis of the activity logs of a network. This helps us to detect any malicious and unusual activity.

In addition to that, we have invested heavily in ensuring that our Security Operations Center (SOC) is at the forefront for a holistic monitoring of all your technology assets. While having the right platform is essential, your network needs to be monitored by experts constantly. We understand that threats and attacks do not occur strictly during office hours, which is why our dedicated experts monitor & manage networks constantly, making sure only trusted entities are allowed.

End Point Protection

Over the years hacking techniques have advanced drastically. In the past hackers used to access by more traceable technologies. However in the past 3 years the hacking techniques have really advanced. To tackle such advancements Binary Tecz has taken the necessary steps for businesses like you.
With our industry collaboration and partner programs with security giants we have shifted our focus from simpler end point protection like a simple anti-virus to a more robust AI based solution, that not only focus on anti-virus but provides a complete end point protection from ransomware, malware, DNS attacks to name a few.
Our End point protection directly ties into our SOC and SIEM solutions to keep a round the clock monitoring process and make sure your systems are secured and constantly monitored.

Custom Cybersecurity Solution

Binary Tecz prides itself in providing top the best solution available in the industry for cybersecurity. Securing computer networks can be dangerous if not done correctly. While we listed a few of our tools before, that is far from our complete protection stack that we offer to every business we work with. From simple desktops to multi-site connectivity, we can handle any size project.
So far the combination of these tools have helped us mitigate hundreds of risky events that occur on a regular basis. Our tools and platforms generate actionable intelligence that we act upon immediately and keep you secured.

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