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We are a mix of exceptional talent and technology. We deliver a customized cybersecurity and technology solution for your business. Our clients benefit from an endlessly curious partnership who are always eager to understands more about your business processes and technology and find ways to enhance it daily.

  • Talented professionals with a passion for cybersecurity, technology you can trust with providing the right solution.
  • Technology capability to define the plan and roadmap for your needs and drive your business to succeed.
  • Proven processes Advanced processes and tools to support our teams in achieving the results meeting the customer needs and budget. The solution methodology produces lower risk and faster implementation.
  • Our expertise across cybersecurity, risk mitigation and management, managed technology and services and providing the right solution with this mix.

Our Approach is – being and customizable. We create a solution specifically tailored to meet the needs and demands of your business.

Our Principles


Simply put, you can count on us. Any promise we make we assure that it will be delivered. Our high standards of discipline, hard work and quality measures makes sure that whatever we agree to, we deliver it.


We believe in working transparently. With our work process you will never find an element of surprise. We work really hard to keep things as transparent as we can for our customers and our workforce.


Old saying ” Honesty is the best policy”. We are a firm believer of it. When a mistake is made, own it, accept it and fix it.

For us our customers are everything. We thrive in holding the highest standards by following a simple rule “Never mislead anyone”. We hold integrity in the highest regard, and this is a pillar to our business and employees.


“Lead to Learn, Learn to Lead”.

We believe every single person that works with us possesses certain leadership skills that makes a difference every single day. Working with peers, assisting customers, talking and guiding new customers in distress, all require a certain aspect of leadership, and everyone at Binary Cybersecurity is always ready and keen to learn to have a overall development and growth.

how we serve you

An Extension Of Your Business

Your Own Cybersecurity & Technology Department


With growing cybersecurity attacks, and small businesses being most vulnerable to them, our solutions are here to secure and protect your business.

Binary Tecz’ enterprise grade services, creates a security shield over your business’s’ infrastructure and helps  you protect your data

Managed I.T. Services

Large enterprises usually have an in-house technology staff of full-time employees. Small & medium-sized businesses cannot afford that always.

Using our Managed Technology services will give you access to the expertise and insight that larger organizations have without the high fees.

Compliance & Training

Based on a study from IBM, 95% of cyber-attacks are caused due to human error and weak policy process.

Your employees are your first line of defense. We work with you in defining policies that align with your industry and implement training and guidelines to keep your organization and employees safe.

Unified Communications

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) blends internet-based phone and messaging into a full-featured communications platform.It helps to provide you with collaboration tools to work anywhere.

Our UCaaS solutions function across a user’s computer, desk phone, and smartphone creating a single platform for collaborating across with teams

Data Services

In an attempt of cyber attack , the first piece you lose is your data. It is the most valuable asset in your company.

From folders, files, databases and more, we protect all of your data with the best backup and disaster recovery (D&R) solutions available. This provides you peace of mind, and the capability to grow and constantly evolve with the assurance of secured data.


Voice over IP (VoIP), is a platform that allows you to place calls over an Internet connection. You are able to make, receive and record phone calls from anywhere at anytime, enabling flexibility for your remote workforce

Our solution gives you the ability to communicate from anywhere. Whether you need a dedicated desk phone for a physical location, or a soft phone to access services remotely,  we got you covered.


Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a hardware delivery model that provides capability to business’s to grow without investing astronomical amounts in procuring hardware for their growth.

Whether you are looking for laptops, desktops, servers or a complete redo of every piece of your business, our HaaS model is built with you in mind. Our hardware services can help your growth.

I.T. Consulting

We have been in the technology industry for over a decade. With a combined experience of  more than 20 years, we have your back for a project of any size and complexity.

Our I.T. services and technology consultants are an extension of your team. We work with you to provide solutions & services that will helps you be more secure, and expand with the right partners by your side.

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